Melissa Gorga

Melissa shares her excitement about her single release.

on Aug 15, 2011

Hi everyone! Wow, what an amazing week! I released On Display! So happy with the response so far. I love that you all are singing in your cars, running on your treadmills, singing around the house, and listening to my song! Wow! Dreams do come true! I’m beside myself about the whole thing! To have Ryan Seacrest do the world premiere was just more than I could have ever asked for. I love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This was kind of a sad episode right? A lot of crying going on... I think so many people relate to us because we put it all out there. We show you guys what’s really going on. When my sisters stopped by and let me know that my father reached out to me with a medium, I was really in shock. My whole body got the chills and I couldn’t hold back the tears. I just could visualize his face and those were words that he would say, “Stay grounded.” Sorry I just lost it. I don’t usually believe in that kind of stuff, but something hit me inside, and I felt it was true. I know he’s jamming up there to On Display! Love him!

OK how beautiful is Lauren Manzo?  She has amazing style and is a very talented make-up artist. She really is the whole package -- beautiful inside and out. Lauren is such a warm and lovable person, and I think she’s perfect just the way she is. It was hard watching her tell Caroline that no matter how much weight she loses, she’ll never feel good about the way she looks. Watching Caroline cry made me cry. The way a mother loves her daughter is so special, it’s like we want to be hard on them, but we would do anything to fix whatever problem they have. We wish we could take it from them and give the problem to ourselves. There are a lot of mother daughter things going on in this episode.