Melissa Gorga

Melissa shares her excitement about her single release.

on Aug 15, 2011

Jacqueline and Ashley made me cry the most. My heart broke for Jacqueline. The sound of her voice trembling when she was crying was just too much for me. These two love each other so much, but it’s almost like Ashley treats her like a friend rather than a mother. I think it’s because she had her at a young age, and they probably were best friends at one time. But once they view you as a friend, it’s hard to get them back to the place where you’re the mom. I thought it was nice of Ashley’s dad to surprise her and spend time together. What a strong group of adults to be able to all come together with their spouses for their daughter. That doesn't happen in most divorced families. Ashley, I hope you realize you are so lucky to have them! I know these two will be able to get it together and be a team. Jacqueline really does have the patience of a saint, and you have to with a twenty-year-old daughter. It’s not easy, but I know they will get through this.