Melissa Gorga

Melissa talks about the difficulty of being the new girl.

on May 24, 2011

Hi, everyone! How are you? Excited for Memorial Day weekend? I am just looking forward to going down the shore with my family and relaxing. 

It was a tough week. Reliving that first episode was brutal. I survived as I always do. I'm still here! Sorry to all my haters, but I'm not going anywhere! Something tells me that as the season goes on the haters may change their opinions. Well, I hope so at least. I will say that I do love how loyal the fans are to their favorites, it's sweet. I mean that and I get it. It's not exactly easy coming into a show as the freshman when you are with all the seniors that have been in school together for years. People have been watching those seniors for three years. Suddenly I'm back to my first day of high school remembering that knot you get in your stomach when you're the new girl. Well that knot has been there all week. You tend to feel like you have to prove yourself. It stinks and you start to wonder why they just don't see what a nice freshman you are. But If I just keep telling the truth, I won't get myself into a bind. It's the best way to go. 

Even if you're still trying to figure me out, know this -- I love family. I used to cry when my father didn't come home to dinner, because I wanted for us all to eat together. I love my husband's family as well. So if you don't like something I do, then that's fair, but if you are just listening to what someone else says, that's not. Give me the chance to defend myself, you can't believe what someone says just because they say it. You need to see the two-way conversation and then make your decision. 

Which brings me to answering some of your questions. Joe and I have never once asked Teresa to put us on TV. We were at all the kids' birthday parties, so of course you would see us in the background sometimes during past seasons. There was no way she wouldn't invite us to the kids' parties, what would everyone think? Where is her only brother, right? Of course we were there. Once again it was a "technicality," but on her part this time. We usually kiss hello and then say goodbye when it's over. To be perfectly honest with you, Joe never wanted to be around the cameras. We were happy for her when she got the show, and I told her she should do it. It might be easy to think that we were jealous that she was on TV, but that is not the case. I hope in time, viewers can understand where I am coming from. We never had the kind of relationship where I would call and say, "Why don't you do something with your brother and the kids, it would be cute for the show." I would feel so uncomfortable saying that, and she would look at me like I had ten heads. Even in episode when I saw them making the sauce, a tradition that her brother would usually be invited to as well, we still never called or argued once about that. Whether cameras are there or not, we just wanted to be a family. Period. There is nothing more to it than that. I know it might appear otherwise, but it's just not the truth. Oh one other thing, yes, I do write my own blog!