Melissa Gorga

Melissa talks about the difficulty of being the new girl.

on May 24, 2011

I love Jacqueline's description of her belly button. I appreciate the fact that she doesn't take herself too seriously, I like her!

Here we are at the Posche fashion show, which I want to congratulate Kim D. on. It was an amazing show and had a huge turn out. I love their stuff! OK, OK so we all know I'm not shy, and I had a lot of fun walking down the runway! I did feel like a peacock though. Things like that excite me, you'll see why as the show goes on. I thought Jacqueline and Teresa did a great job, they both looked so pretty! Did you see my sisters cheering me on? We love each other so much. We support each other no matter what. That's what sisters do. If I saw one of my sisters robbing a bank, I wouldn't tell on her. Sorry, that's just the way it is! They really didn't want me to go over by Joe Giudice's mom because of some of the events that happened at the christening. I will never embarrass that family more than they already have, so I choose not to talk about it. Trust me, my sisters had my best interest in mind. They always do. But, being the person I am, I still didn't listen to them and walked over to say hello and gave her a kiss. That's what I believe was the right thing to do. Sometimes you just have to be the better person. I love my mother-in-law, and I will always respect her. Always! She's the reason I cook so well!

I also thought it was pretty funny when Teresa says, "Melissa doesn't phase me." Then all of a sudden we hear, "Caroline, Caroline!" and "Why is my sister-in-law talking to Kim G." 

When Kathy tried to talk to Teresa, I honestly think it was from the heart. Who else was going to do it? Joe and Teresa have no other family but her, so I think she felt like she needed to step up to the plate. I think it's safe to assume she regrets that. I'm sure you know by now whenever Teresa pauses, thinks for a minute, and you see that blank face come on, you know what's coming. When I asked why there was drama and yelling, Teresa went on to say something about her brother. I stopped her right in her tracks and let her know, not here, not when he's not here to defend himself. It's not right. I think she thought if she brought him up, everyone would forget that she just freaked out. 

You have to understand my situation, I am caught in the middle of a brother and sister quarrel. Sometimes the sister doesn't like to fess up to things she has done to hurt the brother-sister relationship. As you can see, it's nothing he has done before the christening, because when people ask her what the problem is and what went wrong, she always says she doesn't know. Sometimes she even blames it on the fact that he got married. This is so not true. If he or I ever did something wrong, believe me, Teresa would tell you. You would know by now. You will see that I do everything in my power to mend the fences here, watch and see!