Melissa Gorga

Melissa is still mortified about Joe's full frontal scene.

on Oct 3, 2011

Hi, everyone! Missed you guys last week! I can't believe we are almost done and the finale is next is week! It's been a long and crazy ride, and I hope you're starting to feel like you got to know me and our family a little bit better now. Joe and I have really loved getting to know you all and reading all of your comments, we listen to you guys, we take your advice, and we love you all!

Tonight's show was packed with so many funny scenes and a lot of good memories! Punta Cana turned out to be such a blast! We really did have a great time there. The weather was beautiful every day, the water was warm, and the sun felt good! Joe and I usually go on one vacation together with no kids every year and then we go somewhere else the next time with the kids. It's the best way to enjoy some couple time. OK so maybe this time we brought a couple of cameras with us, but we just pretend they are not there! I know you're probably thinking what is up with Joe and all the nudity and sex talk! Can you believe he was naked on national TV? I can't! I have to still bring my child to school tomorrow and to dance and gymnastics. OMG, the moms and teachers are going to think we are nuts! 

Joe doesn't have a shy bone in his body. I was really in the shower minding my own business and he just decides to jump in. Honestly I had no idea the camera men were there yet, I jumped out of the shower and was like no way! Then Joe proceeds to walk out of the showers perfectly in line with camera lens. I wanted to die. I was in shock! Just goes to show you, the cameras are there all the time!