Melissa Gorga

Melissa discusses Teresa's meeting with Joey and hopes everyone can reconcile.

on Jun 21, 2011

Hi, hope everyone had an incredible Father's Day! We spent it down on the shore with Joe's family and had a wonderful time. The kids made him the most beautiful gifts at school, and then we went out on a boat and went fishing. It was a great day with family! I cherish every moment with Joe and the kids more than ever, because I've been so busy. I miss my father so much and thought about him a lot this weekend. I just hope everyone appreciates every moment they have with their parents. Joe is such a great dad and he was beaming with pride when the kids gave him their gifts; it was so cute!

OK, well time to travel back in time and explain this episode (and what an episode it was). I'm glad Joe took the steps to talk to Teresa about why he's upset with her. It's obvious from the opening scenes that I will support whatever it takes for my husband to reconcile with his sister. It is so emotionally draining, but I tell him to stay positive. Teresa and I may never see eye to eye, but I know how much he loves her and wants his family back. I don't think we will ever be perfect, but I hope to at least get to a place where we can respect each other and have the kids together more and spend Sundays together as a family. 

I'm going to address what happened in this episode and try to give you some insight into why there is conflict between our families. Watching this episode it's obvious that from Teresa's point of view she feels it's completely my fault and my husband feels that Teresa and Joe Giudice are at fault. Every argument has two sides, and I admit I've made mistakes along the way. So here we go.

As you see in this episode (and more in next week's) the breakdown between my husband and his sister began well before I entered the picture. Teresa even admits that she put her brother before her husband; by doing that, she made her husband turn against her brother. I don't blame Joe Giudice for getting a complex and feeling the need to keep up with my husband, because at every turn he was being asked why Joey has this or look at the big house Joey built. That began way before I came around, and I could feel the tension from the very first day I spent with his family. That's the truth.