Melissa Gorga

Melissa discusses Teresa's meeting with Joey and hopes everyone can reconcile.

on Jun 21, 2011

I really feel that Teresa shows her true colors when she tells Jacqueline her side of the meeting with her brother. She keeps saying, "It's Melissa! It's Melissa!" Joe is his own man and he makes his own decisions. Anyone who knows him knows that I can never change his mind on anything. He just wants Teresa to own up to her mistakes. 

I expected Teresa to blame me, since I'm usually the scapegoat, but what I didn't expect was what came out of her mouth... She tells Jacqueline that I'm a "gold-digger" and in the same breath bashes me for not growing up with a silver spoon in my mouth! I held down three jobs to put myself through college when I first met Joe. My father had just passed and my uncle/godfather helped me. What's wrong with working three jobs? What's wrong with working to pay your own way? That is one of the reasons why her brother loves me and respects me so much. I'll do whatever it takes. It's also the reason why Teresa wants people to respect her now. She is now working to make money for her family, right? 

I'd also like to know what's so wrong with Joe and I falling in love and moving in together quickly? After seven years and three kids, we are stronger than ever! And I'm a gold-digger? Does she think her brother has nothing to offer besides money? Joe is so supportive, pushing me follow my dreams. He is my gorgeous prince charming who is hilarious and sometimes annoying, but come on, our chemistry is undeniable. Joe and I hit rock bottom financially and I stood by him until we pulled through together. I didn't leave him then and I never would.

Teresa's constant digs about me and Joe aren't even what is so upsetting throughout this entire episode. Teresa recalls a conversation that her and I supposedly once had early on in my relationship with Joe, where I said to her, "As soon as I met Joe, I saw his house. I wasn't stupid like my two sisters, I was smart." Now that is an absolute lie. I never thought Teresa would go so low as to outright lie. I almost couldn't believe my ears. My sisters are my world, and they both live beautiful lives. They are very lucky women to say the least, and she knows that. I don't get it? What is her reason for this? I can't even believe she said that.