Melissa Gorga

Melissa clears up why Kim G. was invited to the Christmas party.

on Jul 18, 2011

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! I still can't believe we are watching this in July! Christmas is my favorite time of the year. If you can't let bygones be bygones this time of year than you probably never will. Something is just in the air, and when I said I feel Christmas, I mean it! I love it! I always decorate over the top and add a little more each year. Joe always yells at me and says I buy too many Christmas decorations. I want every decoration when I walk into those stores. It's pretty much the same as  when I walk into a shoe store! 

Joe and I always have issues when we put up our tree… the lights never work, we always mess up the order, the small one is always on the bottom when it's supposed to be on the top. It's always a mess. If you couldn't tell, Joe does not enjoy decorating. He just wants to get it over with, but my little munchkins love it! 

This time of year is about the children, and of course it's Jesus's birthday! So I decided to have a Christmas party with two things in mind – it would be a good reason to get everyone together and move forward so we can all remember how much we really do love each other, and secondly, it would help children that are not fortunate enough to be home this time of year. It was for the children of St. Joseph's hospital in Paterson, New Jersey. What an amazing hospital. I'll never forget when Gino was a small baby and he was hospitalized for five days there. It broke my heart walking around those hallways and seeing those children away from home. It made me realize how every moment with your children is so important. Forget the small stuff. What matters is your health and the health of your children, nothing else really matters. Thank God Gino was fine and everything was good after that, but I'll never forget sleeping in that chair night after night and wishing I could take the pain away from him. I always remember that feeling and knew I wanted to do something for the hospital. So glad that I had the chance to do it, and all of our friends helped out!