Melissa Gorga

Melissa talks about trying to get Teresa and Kathy back on better terms.

on Aug 10, 2011

Hi everyone! I had another great weekend down on the shore with Joe and the kids. This week has been crazy busy, and I am sorry I am just sitting down to write to everyone!

OK, we are almost through the holidays! It's New Year's Eve – a time for new beginnings! So in the spirit of new beginnings I decided to call Teresa for a play date, because I wanted to get the kids together since they hadn't seen each other the entire Christmas break. I wanted to just forget about all the bad times we had over the past couple of years, spend time with Teresa and the kids, and just move on. It is so selfish to let petty arguments get in the way of the kids being together so I made an effort. The play date was really awkward at times, but the kids had a great time, and to me that equals success! 

Watching the episode, I can't believe Teresa said I don't cook! I cook! My husband gets a home-cooked meal five nights a week and happens to love my killer pork dish. I once made it for Teresa, Joe, and the kids when they came to my house for dinner, and no, my mother-in-law was not there. How convenient to not remember. I do call my mother-in-law often for directions on how to make certain dishes that she makes, because she is an excellent cook and I make a mean sauce, but no one can do it better than Nona! When we do Sunday pasta at Teresa's house my mother-in-law cooks, so I don't understand what the big deal is. Joe will tell you that I have to cook! LOL. He would never be happy with it any other way. Teresa knows this and knows her brother, I don't get why she would say that.