Melissa Gorga

Melissa gives her side of the sprinkle cookie catastrophe.

on Jun 7, 2011

I feel like you got to listen to Teresa's excuse as to why she threw away the cookies I brought her for Christmas. However, I'm going to have to say I think it was a pretty lame excuse. I do feel the need to explain what happened though. I was four or five months pregnant at Christmas last year, when we were going to Teresa's house. I went to Corrados, the same store you see me do my Thanksgiving shopping at to buy cookies to bring to her house. I saw these beautiful Christmas-looking sparkly cookies wrapped beautifully in paper that I couldn't take my eyes of off. Maybe it was because I was pregnant and wanted everything. I love that store, it's the best Italian store in the area! When I first got married I used to go all the time with my father-in-law, we would go shopping together a couple times a month and before every holiday! He taught me to love that store! He told me they have the best of everything. Anyway, we had to go to Teresa's house the next day after Christmas, because it was my in-laws' anniversary, and we were going over for cake. Teresa had some friends there, we were all in the kitchen cleaning up, and Teresa said to me in front of everyone that she threw my cookies away because they looked like they were from a supermarket and not a bakery. She said she doesn't like that type of cookie, and no one ate them. She said the next time I come to her house I should bring pignoli cookies from a bakery. I don't know if she was implying that I'm cheap or she just wanted to be mean. I also don't know if she has now decided that she is Queen Elizabeth! Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought it was rude, and I was embarrassed in front of her friends. I was also pregnant and that makes it even worse. I was taught to be thankful for anything someone brings to my house. I'm the kind of person that doesn't expect anything from anyone. I will say that when I went back the next day after Christmas for the anniversary dinner, I brought a beautiful chocolate cake from a bakery hoping to please her this time. For the record, I happen to love colorful Christmas sprinkle cookies!

OK, so why did I write "redone home?" Contrary to the rumors, I don't wish to expose my husband's family, but I do think I should explain this. First off let me say it is a beautiful redone home. Was it a dig? Yes! Teresa did live in that house for five years before they decided to put the addition on it. (I'm still confused why she said she skeeves out at living in other people's homes, because she did for five years.) I don't see what's wrong with that. What's wrong with making rooms bigger and adding a couple! Is it just me? Most people would love to live in that house. Did I know she would not like the wording, yes. What you will see in episodes to come is that she has been throwing digs at me since the day I came into this family. Why? I don't know. I could never figure it out, I could never figure out why she would say something so rude to me and then two minutes later smile and want to go to lunch. To be honest I've been confused about Teresa since the day I met her. I've decided not to list the digs that have been thrown at me first before I wrote that card. If they play out on the show they do, if they don't, they don't. Was redone the best choice of words, no. When I entered this family I put them first, I spent more time with Teresa and Joe's parents then I did my own. I loved them, and my family lived an hour and a half away. We spent almost every Sunday with them and we went out to dinner with Joe and Teresa and Kathy and Rich almost every weekend! Believe me I tried, I put his family first.

I will say I'm also happy they showed us at the housewarming party! Can we now put all those rumors to rest that Joe and I were mad for not being around the cameras? It's just simply not true.