Melissa Gorga

Melissa has had enough fighting and is hoping for some good times.

on Sep 20, 2011

I really had a great time bonding with the Manzos and Lauritas, they are both great families! They are very down to earth, easy going, straight forward people. That's what I look for in friends and in couples that Joe and I like to spend time with. It just makes life so much easier when you are with people who are like that. Poor Caroline had a booming migraine. I felt so bad for her, she missed a beautiful boat ride with her family. The kids kept mentioning how they felt bad that she missed it. It was sweet to see them thinking of their mother the whole day. 

How can you not love Greg? He is so funny, the things he comes out with are not planned, they just roll right off his tongue. He is harmless and he makes me laugh. We enjoy a lot of the same things, we just get along really well. He might be the only person I know who loves music more than I do! He's hilarious and he's a great friend to the Manzo family. Everyone loves when Greg is around! I enjoy people that love life and just want to have a good time.