Melissa Gorga

Melissa talks about her chemistry with Joe.

on May 31, 2011

Hi everyone! Hope you enjoyed Memorial Day weekend. Thank you so much to the men and women who sacrifice their lives for us everyday. Xoxo! Love you guys! 

Well here we are at Episode 3. What did you think? I can see how viewers might be a little a confused at this point. I think a lot of the key pieces of the puzzle are still missing for you guys. There is still a lot of back story that will unfold as the season goes on. I wish Joe could write his own blog so he could explain why he feels the way he does, but hopefully everyone will understand soon. I really feel like it's not my place to tell the story, so I'm not going to. 

OK, OK, I think everyone gets that Joe has an enormous sex drive. Thank God! It's better than him not wanting me right? I'll take it. He's not as demanding as he is coming off, that I can assure you. Joe is the most emotional and sweet man you'll ever meet in your life. Trust me, you haven't seen that side of him yet. If I had to descride him in one word it would be passionate, without a doubt! That's the best word to describe him. Joe would give someone the shirt off his back. I can't wait for everyone to get to know him better. When Joe loves, he loves hard and with all his heart. He wants all of you! He's the same way with his children, his parents, and his sister. I have to say, we have really great chemistry together, and it just works for us. I love him just as much as he loves me if not more! I really did marry my best friend, and I'm thankful for that.

I know there have to be some parents out there that still can't get their first born out of mom and dad's bed, help! What do I do? I know it's my fault, because I was so crazy in love with her from the day she was born. I never put Antonia down, and I never put her in the crib. I wanted her in my bed, but now she's five and she kicks all night and sleeps horizontally! Yes, she does tend to block Joe from doing certain things when he comes to bed! LOL! That's life I guess.