Teresa Giudice

Teresa explains how she stays so happy and optimistic.

on Jun 27, 2011

Finally... a fun episode! And one where I'm not crying! I loved this episode -- well the end of it anyway -- because it showed more of who I normally am -- a happy person who loves to have fun with her family and friends. It's been a tough year for a lot of reasons, and it was so nice to get away to the Catskills and just let loose. I know the other Housewives have been saying that I act like nothing's wrong when they know something is, but for me it's not about pretending nothing's wrong, it's about choosing to be happy even though life's not perfect. I'm a very optimistic and happy person. I always have been.

And it's not always an easy thing to do. You have to decide to put a smile on your face and laugh and see the blessings in life. Everyone deals with things in their own way. My way is to be happy. Are there days when I don't want to get out of bed? Of course. But I have four gorgeous girls to raise, and I want to show them by example that even when things are tough, you can have a good attitude, you can smile at the world, and you should always, always, count your blessings.

You've seen me and my family on TV for three years now, since Milania was toddling around like Audriana is now! And I love when you also get to see the good times. We had such a great time in the Catskills. Jacqueline is so freakin' funny and makes me laugh so hard. I just love having everyone together. I hope you felt like you were with us at the bar, goofing off and having fun, because if you came out with us, that's exactly what it would be like!