Teresa Giudice

Teresa explains how she stays so happy and optimistic.

on Jun 27, 2011

And wasn't it great to see so many happily married couples still hot for each other? We have so many friends who are getting divorced, and I'm so proud of me and Joe, Jacquline and Chris, and Caroline and Albert that we've kept it together for so long. I really do love Joe as much now as the day I married him. We just have so much fun together! (And he's so hot!)

I loved that you got to see the chapel my father-in-law built too. Every September on St. Michael's Feast Day, we have a huge celebration up there with 200 to 300 people. The priest comes and says mass, we have tons of food and dancing, and it's such a great time. My father-in-law's property is 140 acres, so yes, we all fit, and no, we weren't in danger of ever shooting anyone else!

Were you all relieved Melissa and I finally hugged it out? It wasn't easy to sit down with her and apologize again, and I know it wasn't easy for her to come over to Jacqueline's to talk to me. I think you could see by my face and my repeated apologies that I am truly hurt by this and really want it to be better.

From her eye rolling and conversations afterward with her sister and whoever was "sitting on her shoulder" saying "bullsh-t," I'm not so sure she feels the same way. I guess only time will tell...