Teresa Giudice

Teresa discusses Friendsgiving, the Gorga's skills in the kitchen, and the sprinkle cookies.

on Jun 7, 2011

Ciao tutti!

Happy Friendsgiving... in June! I think I'm going to have a Fourth of Friendsuly party too. What do you think?

I was surprised that Melissa said they spend every Thanksgiving with Kathy and her family. Like Kathy said, they've never spent Thanksgiving together. I was sad we didn't spend it together, and I was sad Kathy chose to go to Melissa's house.

Kathy's desserts were really, really beautiful. Say what you want about the Gorga switch and the Gorga sex drive... the Gorgas can freakin' cook! A lot of the recipes I cooked for Thanksgiving are in my new cookbook Fabulicious including a whole chapter of our family's desserts -- my mom's Tuscan apple torta, my mother-in-law's ti amo tiramisu (the dessert that loves you back), amazing skinny chocolate zabaglione cakelets, and yes, believe it or not, sprinkle cookies (confetti party cookies)!

I was so happy I could have Jacqueline, Caroline, and their families over for a huge dinner to thank them for all their support. It was a really tough year, and they stood by me. I meant it when I said they were like family to me. I don't cry a lot, but the whole day just meant so much to me. Thank you to all my friends and fans for supporting me. You are all part of my family! xx

And no, I did not throw out the sprinkle cookies Jacqueline brought over! She knew all about the sprinkle cookie thing and brought them on purpose as a joke. And I don't just throw away cookies. Here's the whole story -- Melissa came to my house on Christmas Eve with store-bought cookies still in their plastic container, like she just grabbed them at the grocery store. And you've seen how we Gorgas do dessert! It was just another sign of disrespect to me. I cooked the entire meal and that's what she brings? She's been in our family for six years. She couldn't bring a nice dessert she knew everyone would like? They sat there, and nobody touched them. And my mother-in-law was the one who threw them out. She didn't know who brought them, she just said, "Who brought these cookies? Who brought them? They no good. Nobody eat them." It was embarrassing actually.

Two days later, Melissa was over at my house again for my parent's anniversary. Again, I prepared a nice dinner and she brings nothing. And it just aggravated me... throwing out a whole container of uneaten cookies, it's just such a waste of money, of food, of everything, and at a time when we were not wasting anything. And her housewarming card for my re-done house... I think that just speaks for itself about her attitude toward me and my family. I had enough. I took her aside and told her to bring something else next time, because her cookies went in the garbage. I probably didn't say it in the nicest tone, but I wasn't happy about it. I was just over her constant digs. It's like poison to a family after a while.