Teresa Giudice

Teresa enjoyed her time in Punta Cana (despite all the talking behind her back).

on Oct 4, 2011

Yes, I'm happy to announce that I am officially doing my third cookbook. It's called Fabulicious -- Fast & Fit. It has all new recipes, all low fat, less than ten ingredients, and less than thirty minutes prep! And yes, they are still Italian (no tofu or wheatgrass), delicious, veggie and WW friendly, can be gluten free, and I'm including full nutritional info! FAB3 will be out in Spring '12. Yes, I'll be doing another national book tour. So excited to meet you all (again!) and come to some new places! You can preorder it on Amazon. I'm so excited! Thank you all so much for supporting my family's recipes. It means so much to me.

I hate to write anything negative about Kathy since we ended the episode so well, but I just want to point out that for all her complaining, she can't win with me, I feel the same way about her! She's mad on the beach when I walk away, she's upset when I come back calm, she stews about it, talks to the cows about it... She said something that upset me, I got mad, I cooled off, done. I really don't carry grudges.  She carries stuff around forever. She's calling it a "battle" six days later. It's exhausting to me, and I have four little girls! You did see me apologize (for the hundredth time this season?), admit I overreacted, and try to patch things up with her. She is my cousin, she is my family, and I will love her no matter what.