Teresa Giudice

Teresa enjoyed her time in Punta Cana (despite all the talking behind her back).

on Oct 4, 2011

I do want to point out one of the reasons I love my Joe so much and why I married him. Did you see how laid back he is when people are talking crap? He's never cared what anyone has said ever. He just does his thing. He doesn't plot and worry and bitch and try to make other people look bad. He doesn't act fake. He just lives his life. He is what he is. He's not going to change for you, for me, and definitely not for the cameras. I love that about him, his confidence -- that he just doesn't get sucked into the bullsh--. He never has. I've lived with him for twelve years now. I love his philosophy: let them say what they want to say, I'm living my life. And it's an amazing life right now with amazing things happening. I'm so happy and I can't wait to share it all with you!

As for the craziness on Twitter, I don't think it's a very healthy place to be right now (I just can't take anyone who's suddenly friends again with Kim G. seriously, sorry!), so I'm going to slowly slip out of it, and maybe take a little break for a while. I have a big project I have to work on, and I want to spend every other second with my family. Don't worry, I'll be back!

I will be updating my website with pictures of the girls this fall and my appearance and book signing schedule (New York, Philly and South Carolina!).

Tanti Baci,

Teresa xx