Teresa Giudice

Teresa explains how you don't have to spend a lot to throw a fabulous birthday party.

on Sep 14, 2011

So, on to the episodes! It meant so much to me that my brother and Melissa and Kathy and Richie came to my book signing. Just so you understand the timing and where my husband was coming from, my book came out in May. I had dozens of book signings all summer long and into the fall. The book signing they all came to was at the end of January. That’s a long time not to come out and support me, no? I talked to my whole family about them all the time. It was a big deal to me and I was hoping they would come. When I finally heard the reason they didn’t was because they were expecting some kind of formal invitation -- I had no idea -- I called and invited them.

I was delighted Joey came, but you have to understand that Joe watched me cry over Joey ignoring my book for NINE MONTHS. When it got on the New York Times bestseller list, my friends all called me and congratulated me. My friends surprised me and showed up at my book signings to support me. My parents and my in-laws and Joe’s family came. My amazing Twitter and Facebook family were so great about celebrating with me. But my own brother and cousin… not so much.

We started filming this season in September. They all had Twitters by then. They knew about my books signings. (They certainly read my Twitter and Facebook messages for other things and didn’t hesitate to comment!) And I never got one public congrats. Not one. (I still haven’t…) For the record, I have congratulated Melissa and my brother for her song on Twitter several times and I’m happy to do it here on my blog as well: Congrats to both of you!