Teresa Giudice

Teresa explains how you don't have to spend a lot to throw a fabulous birthday party.

on Sep 14, 2011

And yes, Gia is fine. She was fine ten minutes later. She’s not screaming out in pain or whatever Caroline said. She’s a normal ten-year-old girl who’s creative and passionate. She’s blessed to live in a house with two parents who are still happily married and love each other. She has tons of aunts and uncles and cousins on both sides that adore her. She has all four grandparents nearby who adore her. That’s not the case for a lot of her friends, and she knows how blessed she is.

I was surprised to hear Caroline and her kids making fun of me and my books. I had no idea they did that. I’ve always adored Caroline’s whole family and have never said a word about them, so it was a little shock. I know they like to laugh a lot and they have silly senses of humor though, so I don’t take offense to it. (It takes a lot more than that to get me going!) I think we should all play the “Fill-in-the-blank Italian” book title game. “Sexy Italian,” Table Flipping Italian,” “I’ll Put My Butthole in Your Face Italian.” Life’s too short to take offense to the small things!

Thank you to everyone who’s ever come to one of my book signings. (LOVED meeting you all this week in Chicago at Water Tower Place! What a beautiful city with beautiful people!) I cannot believe how many of you come out to see me -- and wait in four hour lines! -- but please know that I always stay late to see every single person who comes out because I appreciate and love you all!