Teresa Giudice

Teresa is ready to move past the reunion drama.

on Oct 31, 2011

But that's what Caroline does. She takes what SHE DOES and pretends other people are doing it to her. She has the gall to say my “indirect” comments about a stripper carwash were hurtful to her son. when a) they were about MY children and b) last I checked, they were all proud of that particular career path of Chris'. And then she spends thirty minutes bashing my ten-year-old daughter, screaming that Gia is “tragic”?

And still, I keep quiet about her grown, adult children. Out of respect for them and her and her parents. Respect she does not have for anyone else. Let's see, what other crazy things was Caroline spewing? (I'm pretty sure she did vomit pea soup in the bathroom during a break...) She sat there on the couch and rolled her eyes and kept talking about how unintelligent and crazy I am, then I'm a mastermind who “premeditated” doing her family harm and that everyone was just a “pawn” in my game. Which is it? I'm an evil genius or a bumbling idiot? I've got my head in the sand and I'm too stupid to even know what's going on my life or I'm controlling everyone else's? Make up your mind.

I know Caroline and Jacqueline obsess about things and people and revenge. (What sane person would be friends with Kim G? That's just ugly.) I think they watched 'The Real Housewives of New York' one too many times and tried just lifting storylines from that show for their lies about me. Their garbage about me trying to poison them against Melissa and Kathy and telling them not to film with them is pure Jill and Bethenny. But sorry, it's not true. I told them how upset and betrayed I felt that Melissa and Kathy joined the show behind my back, and I told them how worried I was that it was going to do to my family what it did to their family. I never told them not to film with anyone. You can't refuse to film with someone, that's part of the show and they know it (or else I promise you Dina would never have filmed with Danielle!). It's just stupid for them to make that up.