Teresa Giudice

Teresa discusses her disappointment with Joey for going to Kathy's on Christmas Eve.

on Aug 1, 2011

My girls and Joey's kids have spent every Christmas Eve together, and suddenly they're being hustled to the car and told they'll open our presents later? So all the kids are crying, and my parents are upset. I just couldn't even believe it. You know what it's like to spend hours making a big meal and getting ready for having your family over -- then half of them suddenly leave for another party in the middle of it? They sort of took the holiday spirit right out the door with them. It really sucked being left like that.

I was trying to calm the kids down, trying to take the surprise news well, but it seemed so unreal. I literally thought Joey was playing a joke on me. And all I kept hearing was "Kathy." Watching the episode now, seeing Kathy so concerned about my brother's feelings, it's easier to see both sides. But to me, at the time, all I could think of was why would Kathy deliberately try and split my family up? Kathy has three brothers. Whether she's talking to them or not, I would never ever take it upon myself to invite one of them away from her Christmas Eve dinner and over to mine. If she was so interested in us making up, why didn't she tell my brother he needed to spend Christmas with his sister and parents? How can any of us have time to heal and make things right when the cousins are ripped apart and Joey and Melissa leave before dinner? It didn't seem like Kathy was really on the side of our family getting back together.

And PS Kathy, here's a lesson on being a good cousin -- don't blog lies about my father and your father. Are you kidding me? I'm appalled by what you wrote about my dad. He is an amazing man -- such a warm, loving, affectionate man. Not everyone has that for an uncle... You know there's more to that story, much more. Your version was very nice to your dad, but unfortunately it's not true. For one, my father didn't get his first shoemaking business from your dad. Out of respect for my uncle who passed, I'm not going to write any more, but please don't write about my parents again if you don't want me to start telling the truth about you and yours.