Teresa Giudice

Teresa discusses her disappointment with Joey for going to Kathy's on Christmas Eve.

on Aug 1, 2011

If, God forbid, I had lost my father and my husband wanted to ditch his parents on Christmas, I wouldn't have let him. I thought Melissa was all about bringing our family together, about Joey spending time with his dad. I guess that just doesn't apply to Jesus's birthday. Or Thanksgiving. Or Gia's gymnastics meet...

I was upset when they left, but more than anything, I was upset for my parents and my kids. I keep hearing Melissa saying it's all about the kids. So why tear them apart for the first time ever on Christmas Eve? So you could let your hair down and drink at Kathy's? I don't get it. Her actions don't match her words. Gia was hanging onto my brother, Antonia was crying, who knows if my parents will be around next year... That was the reality of that night. That's what Melissa and Joey walked away from. Melissa can say in every single interview and write her fake happy blogs about how much family means to her, how she's trying to fix it, but that's not what her actions show over and over again. I don't care how much they try and hurt me, I can take it. It's watching my kids and parents hurt that I can't take. If Melissa really wanted to be the hero that "fixes" my family (even though it was fine before she came along...), she should have seen the pain on everyone's face and insisted Joey stay. What an amazing Christmas present that would have been!

Back to Christmas morning, yes, I did take Gia's picture right after she threw up. I know it seems crazy, but like a lot of moms, I get crazy with the pictures at holidays. I've always been crazy about pictures. I admit it, I am a photo freak. But when the girls get older, the photos are all I'm going to have! Of course you have memories, but the memories come flooding back when you look at the pictures -- what you wore, what you were holding, what the wallpaper looked like back then... Someday Gia and her husband are going to look at that picture and laugh, I promise you. That's my girl, smile through the tough times!