Teresa Giudice

Teresa explains what you see if what you get when it comes to her.

on Aug 9, 2011

If you're confident enough to record an album, wouldn't you be excited to show off for your family? To me, the fact that Melissa wouldn't sing (or even hum) for us just sort of proved to me that it wasn't so much childhood dream as get-rich-quick scheme. I hope I'm wrong, but that's what I was feeling at the time. I did support her and do support her through the rest of her journey. I was cheering her on when she sang the very first time. And I'll keep cheering her on and hoping for the best.

Overall, I was not in a good mood at the play date at Melissa's house. Believe it or not, as hard as I try, I'm not always in a good mood. Who is? And that day I admit, I was aggravated.

If you remember back at Gia's gymnastics meet, I invited Melissa and the kids over for a play date. She told a crying Antonia in the car that it wasn't going to happen while the adults were fighting. Very sad to me, because I never thought the kids should suffer or be apart because of their parents. I thought we should just keep the kids together as we always did: keep having play dates, let them celebrate Christmas Eve and open their presents together as they always did. But that's not what Melissa wanted, and she's their mom, so I had to respect her decision. All I could do was wait until Melissa was ready to release Antonia back to her cousins again. You can see that we both speak very respectfully of each other to our kids though. The kids always know that "Zia Melissa" and "Zia Teresa" love them.