Teresa Giudice

Teresa explains what you see if what you get when it comes to her.

on Aug 9, 2011

I loved being on the season finale of Watch What Happens Live with Andy and Jerry O'Connell. I was happy the poll wanted Kathy and I to make up, because it shows the viewers don't want to see families fighting. Me neither! Just keep watching!

If you missed the After Show, Danielle tweeted to Andy Cohen an accusation about Melissa, and Andy read it out loud to me. (You can see it on HERE). I'd had a couple of Bellinis by then, so I was laughing a lot, but the stuff Danielle wrote is disgusting. I don't believe that Melissa plotted with Danielle to get on the show -- at least I pray that's not true. Danielle is tweeting a bunch of nonsense now about all of us. If she has this "proof" about Melissa, she needs to stop threatening and just show it. If not, then shut up! Do...not...mess...with...my...family.

A million thank yous for coming to see me at my book signings! I love meeting you all, but I'll never get used to people crying when they meet me. It makes me cry too! All tears of joy though, so it's good! 

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