Teresa Giudice

Teresa clears up some of the rumors that have been floating around.

on Jul 11, 2011

Another crazy busy couple of weeks! Did you see me, Caroline, and Melissa on Regis & Kelly? I can’t say enough how much I love, love, love Kelly. She is so sweet, she’s a Jersey girl, and she’s gorgeous! I have so much fun with her and her adorable husband. They invited me back in November when Regis leaves. How much fun would it be to guest host with Kelly?

Yes, I heard from you all that I looked a little tense on the show, but that’s because I was. Having issues with my family blow up even bigger because we’re on TV together is kind of a nightmare. It’s not fun for me. I can’t pretend it is. I’m not gonna sit there and be all smiley and happy that I’m on a talk show when I feel like crying. I’d rather never have been on TV and have a happy family than go through any of this. And it’s hard to sit next to people who obviously don’t feel the same way and are loving every minute of it...

Caroline pointed out that with all her brothers and sisters, someone is always fighting, and I’m sure that’s true. She’s maybe more used to not speaking to her sisters or brothers for awhile, but I’m not. It’s just me and Joey, and I can’t stand not having him in my life. Hopefully things will get better, but as long as Melissa gets attention for saying negative things about me, I think she’ll take it. Once it all dies down, I’m looking forward to having our family whole again (I’m guessing that won’t happen until she fulfills her Britney Spears dreams though. Please, make it quick and painless. Thank you, Jeezus!)