Teresa Giudice

Teresa clears up some of the rumors that have been floating around.

on Jul 11, 2011

Speaking of media attention, I seriously cannot believe how many magazine covers I’ve been on in the last few weeks! I heard when I’m on the cover the issues are breaking sales records or something. I guess I should be flattered, but it is super weird to see my face all over the place. And it’s getting harder and harder to keep the girls from reading the outrageous headlines when we’re in the store.

I want you to hear the truth directly from me, so here goes: I’m not pregnant with a boy. Joe and I were talking about “what if” we had a boy. Yes, we’d name him Franco, and never say never, but I think I’m done. Four beautiful girls are enough for us! And no, Joe and I are not headed for divorce. Not, not, not. Not now, not ever. As you can see again from this week’s episode, we’re still crazy about each other after over ten years! We are a team, we’ve always been there for each other, and we always will be.

The living room picnic he made for me was for our anniversary. When we were first dating, I gave him a surprise picnic, and he wanted to do the same for me. I love when he cooks for me! You didn’t get to see his present to me: it was the “love” necklace I’ve been wearing all season. I love, love, love it!

Don’t you love Lauren Manzo? So upset she doesn’t see her brothers enough. I can relate! You grow up really close to someone and you don’t want to let them go. How much did I love her red pepper flake stockings? A girl after my own heart... PS: I thought the green feather tree was fabulous! Maybe not for your only tree, but for the boys' Christmas in Hoboken, it was perfect!