Teresa Giudice

Teresa responds to all the cookbook chaos.

on Oct 12, 2011

As I've criss-crossed the country doing sold-out book signings and meeting thousands of fans, not ONE person has ever told me they thought anything about my books was upsetting.
So, yeah, I was a little surprised that Caroline is pretending to be hurt. They're obviously jokes, they're jokes she's heard before, and even if you were really, really reaching to make them sound like insults, they're not. (If I wanted to insult Caroline Manzo it wouldn't be that she wasn't Italian. I think we all know Don Caroline is as "Italian" as they come in many, many ways...) I don't think the woman who makes fun of my voice, my clothes, my kids, my intelligence, my husband, my job, my financial troubles, or my legal problems, and teaches her own children to make fun of everyone is really going to take offense to such a small and obvious joke. She's smarter than that. So why would she pretend to be upset? I have no idea.

Here's what funny to me too -- that Caroline is doing the exact same thing she accused me of doing with Kathy on the beach -- blowing a comment about my OWN kids out of context and making it all about her kids. For the record, I said Chris Manzo was "adorable" in my book.

Later on in a chapter called "Giudice Girls Gone Wild" I talked about my own daughters and how I don't want them working the pole or working at a stripper carwash (no offense to any Manzos or Lauritas who are into that... I'm talking about MY kids!). It's a joke but it's also how I think anyone with girls feels. I don't have a boy, so I guess maybe I'd feel differently about supporting my boy opening a stripper carwash, but I only have girls. All I know is I wouldn't want them working at one. I have much higher goals for my kids, and I want them to respect themselves. How Caroline twists my talking about my girls into an insult for her son is really crazy.

This whole season has been such a crazy mind game. I feel like I'm playing "Opposite Day" with Milania... and she's five! Caroline and her family not only make fun of my book, they pass judgment on my legal issues, my family problems, the way I raise my kids... Do you ever hear me talk bad about the Brownstone or their personal problems or how I think Lauren should or should not behave? No, I keep my mouth shut and my opinions to myself. I make a little joke in a book full of jokes and everyone freaks out.