Teresa Giudice

Teresa responds to all the cookbook chaos.

on Oct 12, 2011

Richie can say on national TV that I was dropped on my head as a baby, and "f-- me" every five seconds, and that he's going to burn the house down, and Kathy jumps in with "It's only a joke!" My big insulting joke about Richie in my cookbook? That I WISH he'd stop with the LAME JOKES. Are you serious? He's mad I wrote that? So mad he throws my book in the trash? And then Kathy jumps on Twitter to let everyone know she pulled the book out of the trash and that he was "just kidding" when he threw it away.

Here's the thing: I think we all get that everyone jokes all the time. But my jokes aren't harmful, they don't hit close to the real issues in anyone's lives, and they aren't meant to hurt someone's livelihood. By pretending to be all upset about my book and then bashing my book, they are purposefully trying to hurt my family's income and my career. Imagine if I started bashing The Brownstone or blk water or 'On Display' and sent my fans to trash it everywhere? But I would never do that because that is pure evil.

In fact, I think you've seen me do the opposite. I publicly congratulated Melissa for her song (and gave my fans the link to buy it) three times. She never once said congrats for either one of my books. Did you see me at the blk water party holding the bottle and smiling for the press to give the Manzo boys' product my endorsement? Yes, you did.