Teresa Giudice

Teresa comments on the Kim G. situation and Kathy's outburst.

on Jul 18, 2011

Of course, at a family holiday party, you don’t want any drama. We didn’t want to bring any or cause any, and we’d do anything to avoid it. Obviously no one knew Monica Chacon was coming, but I wish I’d known Melissa had invited Kim G. I didn’t know she and Kathy were such good friends with Kim G., but all I have to say on that is Kim G. might not be the best choice of friend if you’re looking to avoid drama. I wouldn’t have invited her -- or someone I knew was bad mouthing my family all over town -- to my holiday party if I wanted everything to be peaceful.

I didn’t know until I watched the show how calculating Monica Chacon was. I didn’t know she introduced herself to Melissa and Kathy at the fashion show with “I’m suing Teresa,” or that she knew before she came into the house for the party that it was my brother’s house. Despicable. 

Here’s the story with Monica: Joe’s ex business partner hired Monica’s family’s firm to represent him. She, her husband, and her father-in-law are all lawyers there. I heard that she (I’m going to use Kathy Griffin’s trick for avoiding being sued here...) “allegedly” told Danielle my house was in foreclosure last year (it never was). Then I hear she’s “allegedly” telling Kim G. all about my personal information. Kim G. then “allegedly” reports it to Radar Online (I think she has them on speed dial). You can draw your own conclusions on “classy” Monica Chacon’s behavior from the way she introduced herself to my family at the fashion show.