Teresa Giudice

Teresa's photo shoot may have been hectic, but she was thrilled with the final product.

on Aug 15, 2011

Hello from the Jersey Shore! Enjoying the last month of summer with my family. Hope you are all enjoying yours!

I wish you got to see more of the family photo shoot for Fabulicious -- it was a looooong day, and you’re only seeing the very end when everyone was wiped out. We cooked every dish and took every single picture, even the cover shot, all in one day. I not only had my four girls, but also my parents, my in-laws, Joe, and me to get pretty, make sure they all had the right clothes (we had five outfit changes!), make sure the food looked great, the house looked great... And my house was stuffed with people -- not just the entire photographer’s team, but Bravo filming it as well! And Gia had a gymnastics competition, so she had to leave early, so we had to get all her shots in first. You know the stress of trying to get a good Christmas picture with all ten people in your family looking great? Multiply that by 10,000!

But you can see from the beautiful photos in the book that they all turned out great! (If you don't have the book, you can go to Amazon and click on the cover and see a lot of the pics. And we did enjoy making pasta and eating the goodies while we took the pictures. It was a little chaotic, but now I have such a wonderful, permanent memory to treasure.

I am glad you got to see the cover shot with three generations of Gorgas/Giudices: my mom, me, and Gia. It means so much to me to be able to share our family recipes with you. And it means even more when you send me your stories about cooking together with your kids and your parents. Fabulicious is in bookstores everywhere, on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, and even at Costco.