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Born This Way

Amber Calls Out Andy Cohen

Dina: What am I Doing Here?

Amber: Is Dina Coldhearted?

Dina: "The Reunion was Very Hard to Watch"

Teresa: We Love Hard, We Fight Hard

Dina: The Ladybug Event was Perfection

Amber: I Felt I Like I Was Being Hazed

Melissa: Continue to Pray for Teresa's Family

Why Amber Shares Her Cancer Story

Dina: I Was Team Santa

Teresa: I Don't Blame Jim

Bobby's Unacceptable Behavior

Amber: Dina is Jealous

Melissa: "We are Heartbroken"

Dina Reacts to the Sentencing

Kathy Talks Kevin Jonas

Amber: Dina Was Planning a Blood Bath

Jim and Amber Were on Different Pages

Dina on Bobby's "Bizarre" Behavior

Amber Calls BS on Dina

Nicole: Words are So Powerful

Teresa: "Kudos to Dina!"

Teresa: I Love the Show, I Love My Fans

Praying for a Positive Outcome for Teresa

"Tipsy Melissa is My Spirit Animal"

Dina's Lose-Lose Situation

Jacqueline on Her Status with Teresa

Why Teresa Told Dina the Rumor

Amber on Her Cancer Scare

Teresa: There was an Agenda to Hurt My Family

Melissa: I Do Feel for Amber

Dina: Gia's Beautiful Inside and Out

Nicole: This is Not 'Jerry Springer'

Amber on Her Meltdown with Teresa

Amber's Emotional Call to Teresa

Teresa Thanks the Fans

Dina: Florida Will Be the New Scary Island

Teresa: I Wish I Never Heard the Rumor

Amber on the Shocking Rino Rumor

Victoria Gotti's Big No No

Born This Way

Episode 6:'s Associate Editor is still teary from Rosie's coming out.

Jersey's generally full of ham-throwing, table-flipping fun, but this week we went way deep. Like one giant, tear-inducing "It Gets Better" ad deep. The 'Wives really proved that when you're here in Jersey, you're family, whether you're gay or straight.

No. 3 - Hot Dogs and Sass

I normally wouldn't do this, but this unseen footage from the Chicago trip is just that good. (Thank you!) Evidently in the wedding downtime, our beloved Jersey crew went out to see the sights of the Windy City, including the infamous Wiener Circle. Now I was not aware of this establishment until now, but they serve up two things to their patrons -- hot dogs and sass.

The employees had a field day with the 'Wives, implying they must be good at certain, um, bedroom activities to have such big diamonds. And for a few minutes it's all racy good fun, until Teresa asks for a milkshake. What happens next is shocking and a little NSFW. Let's just say the black bars used to censor ReDICKulous from RHOA were put to good use again here. I won't say anymore, just enjoy!

No. 2 - Heathered

Kathy's party at the Shore turned a little, well, Jersey Shore. Hot tub? Check. Plenty of skin showing? Check. Flirtatious behavior in said hot tub? Double check. All that was missing was a trip to Karma and some fist pumping.

What to make of this Heather? She started off all sweet and cute, having a serious heart-to-heart with Rosie. Then suddenly everyone's in the hot tub and she saunters out in a bikini, jumps in, and starts rubbing up on Rosie. Huh? How many shots were had in the time between talk and hot tub? (I'm guessing no one remembers.)

In any event, it was fun seeing Rosie loosen up and joke around with everyone. It seems like she's really coming into her own.
No. 1 - Born This Way

Rosie's coming out to the kids was perhaps one of the most emotional scenes I've ever watched on a Housewives show ever. (And I've seen pretty much all of them.) You could tell that it's been such a struggle for her, and it was brave to air this all on national television. I'm not sure whether it was sadder to hear Rosie talk about dealing with it alone for so many years or Kathy crying while discussing Rosie's struggles. But it was still wonderfully inspiring and powerful to watch for anyone who has struggled with their sexuality. Kudos, Rosie!

But of course just as you're about to shed a tear and reach for a tissue, Joseph Wakile saves the day with his patented mini-Rich comic relief. "Do you have gaydar? Mine's terrible." Oh, Joseph. I guess you won't be serving as Rosie's wingwoman anytime soon.
Next week you're cordially invited to Jamie and Rich's wedding. Don't forget to bring a fabulous hat!

Dina: What am I Doing Here?

Dina Manzo explains what it's like to sit on the reunion couch.

Hi all, 

I kind of meant what I said on that couch -- this show is so f---ed up. As I sit and watch the reunion, I wonder what goes through people's head sometimes. Bobby literally spitting on me as he screams at a friend of 10 years, Jim whipping out his files and then of all things says I have a fat ass, LOL! For what? Fame? I literally sat there saying to myself time and time again, "What the hell am I doing here?" Again, not ever saying I'm too good, but just different. There is something really beautiful that came out of this though...I am seeing some real proof of my practices. Take a look

Sending you a ton of love for your support! 

Dina xoxo