Caroline Manzo

Caroline will certainly never forget Greg's birthday.

on Jul 8, 2012

Greg was so happy when he walked into the bar and saw all his friends there. I can’t believe Lauren and Jacqueline pulled off the surprise! We had a really great time that night, and I love that you saw the scene of Christopher getting smashed in the face with the cake too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Greg laugh that hard. I laughed all over again as I watched. Christopher was a good sport about it, and it’s one of those nights we’ll always remember with a smile.

The Wakile dinner was nice, I’m glad Rosie feels comfortable bringing friends home to meet the family. Some people aren’t so lucky and that’s really sad. I hope those viewers who are skeptical continue to watch and have a better understanding of Rosie and my brother Jamie’s struggles and maybe, just maybe, we can begin to chip away at that dividing wall. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Love and let love.