Caroline Manzo

Caroline couldn't help but laugh about Joey's email scandal and Joe Gorga's poison.

on Apr 29, 2012

Hello again! Here we are, week 2, so tell me what you think. So far so good? I hope so.

I loved the scene with Richie and Joseph at the gas station. I always made sure my kids knew how hard their dad worked to support us and the sacrifices he made for us. It’s great that Richie did the same thing with Joe. Kids have to know that nothing comes easy, work, work, work. The kiss at the end of their trip put a ribbon on it, very nice, Rich Wakile, very nice.

The whole Ashlee plane saga was nuts. You have to understand that we use humor to alleviate frustrating and uncomfortable moments. No one is safe, and we take everything with a grain of salt. Ashlee found her way to the gate the next day and has moved on and is doing well for herself. You’ll learn more as the season progresses. The good news is that her relationship with Jacqueline has never been stronger. Tough love, it hurts the parent a thousand times more than the child. It was clearly evident as we watched Jacqueline struggle with Ashlee’s departure. I sometimes wish kids would understand what a parent goes through. If they did, life would be a dream.