Caroline Manzo

Caroline's not putting on a show for anyone.

on May 6, 2012

The fight between Melissa and Teresa was ugly. Melissa was upset the night of the solstice party, and I suppose the conversation with Teresa frustrated her to the point of no return. The gloves were off and she said what she had to say. Take what you’d like out of it, but I will give Melissa credit for standing her ground and defending her marriage. That was a line that should never have been crossed. Making that phone call was cruel and thoughtless with the intent to hurt. Shame. The rest is nonsense, birthday presents and whatever else was argued. Truth be told, it made me dizzy. Petty nonsense. Marriage -- not so petty, needed to be addressed.

To go back and discuss other scenes would be redundant. My last couple of paragraphs address my thoughts on the Gorga/Giudice situation. Keep watching and let the story unfold, hopefully you will get a clearer picture as time goes on. All I can say is that it’s sad and unnecessary, but as I said before; it is what it is.