Caroline Manzo

Caroline doesn't think Joe meant to be hurtful with his comment about Greg.

on Jun 4, 2012

Hey guys, happy Sunday! It was a gorgeous day in N.J. and we spent it barbequing and relaxing. Hope you all enjoyed your day as well.
I liked this episode -- not too much nonsense, lots of laughs, and good times. Hopefully this is the start of something good. Wishful thinking on my part? Time will tell.
I give Rosie so much credit for sitting Joseph and Victoria down and discussing her sexuality. The easy road would have been for her to have Kathy speak to the kids and be done with it. I love that she asked them if they had any questions. She gave them the opportunity to be open and honest with her, and Joseph’s question was priceless, absolutely adorable. Bravo to Rosie, well done.

When Joe and Melissa were in the warehouse you saw Melissa in true form. She is constantly on, acting out scenes from Disney movies, singing, and dancing. Joe just watches and smiles, letting her do her thing. Cute, very cute.