Caroline Manzo

Caroline explains why she didn't attend Kathy's pool party.

on May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day! I hope you had a great day. I’m writing this as I’m waiting for Lauren to get ready. My kids are taking me out on this beautiful, sunny day, so I’m happy.

I’m going say this for the last time -- an apology is only an apology when it’s sincere. Issues go way beyond the cookbook. The cookbook is trivial nonsense. I don’t attack anyone, I respond to comments made about me. I don’t back down, and I won’t play the game. I say it as I see it and will never hide behind an insincere apology or a fake friendship. If that’s being a bully, then so be it. I’m a bully.

My kids drive me nuts, they love to tease me and see how far they can push the envelope before I snap. They almost got me this time. The boys are on the cusp of seeing BLK really become a nationally recognized brand and BAM! Christopher is buying a Jaguar! No! Slow down! It’s too soon, save your money! This is what was going through my mind as I walked into the dealership. It was quite a surprise. I love Al, my kids, and my car!