Cast Blog: #RHONJ

RHONJ Reunion Chaos

Caroline has faith that one day the Jersey Housewives will resolve their issues.

Finally, the end is here! It was quite a season, and after living it twice I’m glad to finally be able to put it behind me and move on.
I hope as viewers you understand that although this is entertainment for you, for us this is reality. The emotions you see are real, and at times the rawness of it literally makes your heart hurt. We are two families that have become intertwined in a journey that I believe none of us ever expected to happen in our lives, but here we are.
I know each and every one of you can relate to either a situation or a personality type on RHONJ. Through our laughter and tears, our triumphs and failures, we offer a very real perspective into family life.
I believe there are so many lessons to be learned as you watch us from week to week, and I hope you can take something positive away from the negative. Maybe you see yourself in one of us and realize that perhaps you need to make some changes in your life; and on the flip side maybe you are inspired by one of us and decide to take a leap of faith of your own, reach for that brass ring. Whatever it is, embrace it and go for it.This last episode was difficult to watch; in my heart of hearts I was hoping to see some sort of resolution to the chaos that has become our lives. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, but I’m choosing to continue to have faith in us. After all, we’re Jersey girls and we can survive anything! At least that’s what they say, right? RIGHT! Law of positive attraction.
Thank you so much for watching. I appreciate every single one of you! Take care and be happy.



Dina: What am I Doing Here?

Dina Manzo explains what it's like to sit on the reunion couch.

Hi all, 

I kind of meant what I said on that couch -- this show is so f---ed up. As I sit and watch the reunion, I wonder what goes through people's head sometimes. Bobby literally spitting on me as he screams at a friend of 10 years, Jim whipping out his files and then of all things says I have a fat ass, LOL! For what? Fame? I literally sat there saying to myself time and time again, "What the hell am I doing here?" Again, not ever saying I'm too good, but just different. There is something really beautiful that came out of this though...I am seeing some real proof of my practices. Take a look

Sending you a ton of love for your support! 

Dina xoxo