Caroline Manzo

Caroline explains why she can relate to Kathy's mother's story.

on Jul 1, 2012

Hello, everyone! It seems like I hit the send key on last week's blog five minutes ago, but here I am writing a new one. It’s already July, I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to his or her summer, and if you’re in this heat on the East Coast, stay cool! Also I want to send out my best wishes to all those affected by the fires out west and the flooding down south, stay safe!

Speaking of time going by quickly, I generally keep away from the negative in my blogs, because what you are watching right now happened over a year ago, and to me it’s ancient history. But every now and again I need to say something. I did last week, and here I am again this week (I hope this is the last time), so here goes -- there is no way on the planet am I going to buy that Kathy didn’t support Rosie when she came out. Look at the body language between them; love is love, acceptance is acceptance. There’s no denying it when you watch them together. This tabloid thing is a little exhausting too, and I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of that. I shall reserve comments for later on that one.