Caroline Manzo

Caroline explains why she can relate to Kathy's mother's story.

on Jul 1, 2012

I felt so bad for Kathy’s mom as she recalled the story from her childhood. She’s a good woman with a kind heart, and I love to see her interacting with her family. My husband's grandmother was also given to a family when she was a baby for the same reasons -- crazy, right? I feel like Kathy and I have a lot of parallels in our lives, maybe that’s why we connect the way we do. As a little did you know: Albert told me his grandmother suggested that his mom and dad give him to his aunt and uncle when he was a baby, because they didn’t have children. His mother said no and jokingly said Al was “the best one” and she wasn’t giving him away. So shout out to my mother-in-law for keeping Al in Jersey! I guess that was common practice for our grandparents' generation, who knows, but kudos to Kathy’s mom for telling her story.

Jacqueline struggled with sending Ashlee out on her own, and I can’t imagine the fear and heartache she experienced letting her go. She knows Ashlee needed tough love, and it couldn’t have been easy watching Ashlee move to California with no plan while giving her the independence that she desperately wanted. Tough love is always tougher on the parent, wouldn’t you agree? Ashley is doing fine and seems to have made a life for herself with new friends and a job doing what she loves. Jac and Ashley are getting along better than ever, can’t ask for more than that!

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