Caroline Manzo

Caroline thinks people need to ease up on all the social media hate.

on Jun 17, 2012

OK, let’s talk about the showdown on the deck. Note to self -- when the kids leave their bathing suits at my house, do not hand deliver! Chaos ensues!

I’m just going to say this -- you’ve all been watching and clearly there’s a great divide amongst the viewers. That’s fine and obviously expected. I’m not going to break things down and explain myself, you’ve got eyes and ears and I’m sure are more than capable of coming to your own conclusions; and whatever they are I respect them, that’s what makes the world go round. I have one simple request and that’s to stop the hate and arguing on social media sites. The show is meant to entertain, not cause World War III. A healthy debate is fine, hate is not acceptable; not towards me, Teresa, or any of the other ladies and especially amongst the viewers! Play nice with the other children!

I’ll end with that thought, and as usual the saga continues… see you next week!