Garden Statements

Episode 6:'s Associate Editor is still teary from Rosie's coming out.

Jun 4, 2012

No. 1 - Born This Way

Rosie's coming out to the kids was perhaps one of the most emotional scenes I've ever watched on a Housewives show ever. (And I've seen pretty much all of them.) You could tell that it's been such a struggle for her, and it was brave to air this all on national television. I'm not sure whether it was sadder to hear Rosie talk about dealing with it alone for so many years or Kathy crying while discussing Rosie's struggles. But it was still wonderfully inspiring and powerful to watch for anyone who has struggled with their sexuality. Kudos, Rosie!

But of course just as you're about to shed a tear and reach for a tissue, Joseph Wakile saves the day with his patented mini-Rich comic relief. "Do you have gaydar? Mine's terrible." Oh, Joseph. I guess you won't be serving as Rosie's wingwoman anytime soon.