Garden Statements

Episode 15:'s Associate Editor marvels at Joe Gorga's inability to turn down a dare.

on Aug 13, 2012

No. 1 - Dare Devil

We already know Joe Gorga will never under any circumstances turn down a dare. Ask that man to do anything and just lead with "I dare you to..." He will do it.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

So of course when the Jersey crew is gathered round the campfire and looking to play truth or dare, Joe is the first participant. I doubt they would have even allowed Joe to select the truth option, but he goes with dare (to no one's surprise). So what does he have to do? Go to the neighbor's RV in his underwear and ask if they have any fruit. Not even a second passes after the dare has been uttered, and Joe Gorga has removed all of his clothing and is trotting over to the nearest RV on a mission for fruit.

Alas, this poor soul who was looking for some peace and serenity in the California wilderness is greeted to a nearly nude Joe Gorga. A nearly nude Joe Gorga asking him for fruit. What was running through this man's mind, I can hardly imagine. But just when you think he's going to shut the door, take a swig of his moonshine, and pretend this never happened, he says, "No, I got vegetables though."

Game on!

So he offers Joe either mushrooms or some green bell peppers. Joe opts for the peppers and returns to the crew victorious. I can only hope Joe got that pepper bronzed and has it displayed proudly in his office.