Garden Statements

Episode 18:'s Associate Editor thinks Dina does in fact give the best advice.

on Sep 10, 2012

No. 3 - Empty Nest Syndrome

It doesn't surprise me that the mere mention of Victoria going away for college completely freaks Kathy out. I'm fairly certain that Kathy's biggest fear in life is not to have enough people to cook for, so the idea of Victoria eating school food must kill her. (I'm sure Victoria and Joseph have never once bought lunch at school.) Even the prospect of Victoria doing laundry on her own has her freaking out.

So while Kathy sheds a tear over Victoria growing up, Rich of course is basically planning on installing a sauna in Victoria's room. Evidently he's counting down the days until Joseph leaves too so he and Kathy can stop wearing clothes. That would be a lot of censor bars we'd have to put into the show...

But I have to agree with Kathy, for all Rich's talk I bet he would totally lose it once Victoria actually leaves. The man menaced her prom date with a nutcracker! I doubt he'll take very well to the idea of Victoria being in a coed dorm.