Garden Statements

Episode 14:'s Associate Editor wonders just how much nudity we'll see on this trip.

on Jul 30, 2012

No. 2 - Big-Ass Muscles, Small Brains

Albie makes a very astute statement while the crew tries to assemble a tent: "Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice build houses for a living, a tent should be no problem." Such was not the case.

At first everyone seemed to be trying to guess at how to put together the tent. Why? Why not use the directions provided? Enter Joe Giudice with the directions. We're saved! Until Joe realizes he can't read them without his glasses. Luckily Caroline offers her glasses to Joe, and it looks like we're moving forward again.

That is until everyone takes a few minutes to make fun of Joe for looking like Rich Wakile. Cut to a subtitled but not clearly discernible voice saying, "Big-ass muscles, small brains." My money is on Chris Manzo if I had to guess, but it's hard to say,

The important lesson here? Building a tent is not as intuitive as building a house. But in all seriousness, props to the Joes for jumping in there and doing it. I didn't see anyone else jumping in there to set up the tent. I in all likelihood would have taken one look at it, given up, and checked into a hotel.