Garden Statements

Episode 19:'s Associate Editor is obsessed with Heather and her wisdom.

on Jun 25, 2012

No. 3 - The Cousin Connection

Who would have thought that Teresa would end up going to Kathy with
her problems after all their issues last season? But lo and behold, here they are having lunch and talking about old times. Blood is clearly thicker than any Punta Cana argument in big sun hats.

Kathy is understandably a little hesitant. Is she reaching out only because of her falling out with Caroline and Jacqueline? But she does make a good point: "Sometimes you need to really feel like you're alone to realize what's important." When you look at it that way, it does make sense. And who wouldn't run to the woman made of porcelain, rainbows, and a child's laughter for some TLC? I'm rooting for these two, mostly because they really need to have a kitchen collaboration. It would be an unstoppable Gorga cooking force!

Side note: I love when they flash old pictures of the Jersey 'Wives, mostly because their hair is always fantastic.