Garden Statements

Episode 19:'s Associate Editor is obsessed with Heather and her wisdom.

on Jun 25, 2012

No. 1 - F--- It!

I love Heather. I don't know who this woman is or where she came from (I'm not completely sure anyone else at the party did either), but she is a delight. Jacqueline was all broody after her talk with Teresa, but then in comes this ray of semi-drunken sunshine like a guardian angel sent from above. She wobbled her way right into Jacqueline's face and shared such winning platitudes as:

"Girl, you just gotta let it go."

"You like take on everyone's problems, and I want you to stop doing that."

"You're not a goddamn psychiatrist!"

All I can say is Heather was full of two things that evening: wisdom and tequila.

But that was all just buildup to what has surely become everyone's mantra by now: "F--- it!" Yes, with these two words Heather managed to turn Jacqueline's frown upside down and get her to take shots. (I'm totally using that the next time someone's being a Debbie Downer while we're at a party.)

I wouldn't be surprised if those two left the party and got matching "F--- it!" tattoos on their wrists. Or at the very least ordered some Domino's and fell asleep watching late-night infomercials and planning a line of "F--- it!" t-shirts.

Side note: Did anyone else think she bore a striking resemblance to Gina Gershon?