Garden Statements

Episode 20:'s Associate Editor takes a look at, you guessed it, the many finale fights.

on Sep 24, 2012

No. 3 - Jacqueline vs. Teresa

Things got really interesting when the finger pointing got turned on Jacqueline. As soon as Teresa said that, her face was frozen in a total WTF-just-happened-my-mind-can't-even-process-this face. Kind of like when a cartoon robot's circuits get overloaded or someone tells you a story so shocking you forget that your mouth is hanging wide open in shock.

Evidently being blamed for something is Jacqueline's trigger. She went OFF on Teresa for saying the Melissa debacle was her fault. Not even the ultimate forgiver could forgive that. It was reminiscent of the goody two shoes getting mistakenly blamed for something and freaking out because they've never gotten in trouble before.

But really the only thing anyone was thinking after this -- who was texting Jacqueline?!