Garden Statements

Episode 20:'s Associate Editor takes a look at, you guessed it, the many finale fights.

on Sep 24, 2012

No. 2 - Teresa vs. Joe and Melissa

Only at a Posche fashion show do the fights continue out to the parking lot and into the car. Only here would Teresa follow Joe and Melissa to their car while trying to get in the last word. So as a security officer tries to worm his way in there to tell the Gorgas that they have to keep driving and can't stop here, Teresa and Joe go back and forth as to why Teresa didn't kick the guy out of the party. (Though really I don't think Teresa could do that given it's not her party. Maybe she could have just asked Kim D. to make him leave? No need to resort to violence.)

The best part about this however is that Joe keeps telling Teresa she should have grabbed the guy's hair and pulled him out of there. The irony being of course that Angelo is bald. Someone would have to lend the guy some extensions first.