Garden Statements

Episode 10:'s Assistant Editor hopes Rosie finally remembered Brianne's name.

on Jul 2, 2012

No. 3 - Doctor's Orders

So after much ado, Teresa and Joe finally saw a therapist together. Hurrah! Let the healing begin.

They each met with the doctor separately to give their side of the story and related what we've seen play out over the past few episodes (and seasons for that matter). No surprises there. It was only when the doctor brought them in together that things got interesting.

The therapist notes that really this issue should be easily resolved since they both want the same thing. (Clearly this guy has never watched the show...) His first recommendation: reinstating Sunday dinners. Great plan, because good food is always the key to family bonding. Second that they each focus on one thing NOT to do when they see each other every week. Another great idea, but maybe it shouldn't be limited to only one thing. But hey, I'm no therapist.

Both Teresa and Joe were receptive to these suggestions, which seems like a positive step forward already. Just as the session was winding down, Teresa casually mentions that their families are going to Napa together. So hey, why not up the hanging out more stakes by sharing an RV? I think if you were in the therapist's head at that moment you would have seen a car screeching as it drives off a cliff and subsequently explodes. No, don't do it! I don't think it's possible the therapist could have made that any clearer. Wine plus small spaces equals a recipe for disaster. Yep, I'm with the doctor on this one. But Teresa and Joe clearly are not afraid of a challenge. "Let's prove Dr. Michael wrong," Teresa says. Thank God for strict no drinking while driving laws and the fact that all furniture is bolted down in an RV...