Garden Statements

Episode 10:'s Assistant Editor hopes Rosie finally remembered Brianne's name.

on Jul 2, 2012

No. 2 - Don't Mess with Rosie's Family

Rosie keeps it real. I think she should be the intermediary for every potential argument or misunderstanding on the show, because Rosie is incapable of being anything but straightforward. She sees her sister being maligned in articles, doesn't like it, and confronts the issue head on: "This tabloid sh-- needs to f---in' stop." She's certainly not one to mince words.

But the best part is that although she may be blunt, she's still sensitive to another person's side of the story. She feels for Teresa and Joe regarding all the negativity that they have had to deal with in the tabloids. Rosie just wants it to stop on all sides. Maybe we really do need Rosie for president.

Side note: Love that Rosie admits to be ridiculously hung over after her, shall we say, enthusiastic love fest at the single release party.